Insomnia Cures and Sleep Apnea: A Potential Breakthrough.

Firstly, here at insomnia cures and treatments we like to give props where they're appropriately due. That being said, I'm often compelled to mention that Europe is often at the cutting edge of sleep  research, and it's usually the Swiss doing the heavy lifting. Lately, however, an *American company is beginning a pilot study in Belgium, and have developed something extremely promising in the treatment of sleep apnea.

If you're unfamiliar with sleep apnea you can read my previous article "Is Sleep Apnea A Silent Killer?". That post will definitely fill you in. If you do know - perhaps far too well - what a scourge sleep apnea can be and have been treated for it in the past, at some point you've likely been introduced to a device known as CPAP. A CPAP device - put simply - is a largish mask that provides continuous airflow, which in turn keeps the airway from closing during sleep.

The main problem with CPAP is that it's a rather Draconian, a pretty laborious set up, and can be as uncomfortable as a toothache. You can see from the picture above how it would take a good deal of time to get used to sleeping with the device on. From my experience, most people who have been given CPAP will end up throwing it in the trash after a few attempts, if only because it is so uncomfortable and hard to get accustomed to using. While that may not be the smartest thing to do for someone afflicted with Apnea, I can certainly understand the frustration.

Here's the really good news: an *American company is doing some good things in Belgium right now (ImThera Medical, Inc.) having just received approval for human trials on a vastly different and potentially groundbreaking new treatment for people suffering from sleep apnea. For those of you reading that do suffer from the disorder, this could potentially be the best news you've heard in a very long time.

While I could go on and on explaining the process to you in long, boring detail, my guess is a video will be a much better educator. So please do watch the video below for a proper and detailed explanation on this new and hopeful insomnia cures treatment. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on the human trials over the next passing months.

*Edit: In my haste to post this good news it seems I was less than generous to my American cousins. As was pointed out by a reader (see the comments below) it is in fact an American group doing this good work, not a company from Belgium as I initially reported. Very glad that Marcelo stopped by to point that out. Thanks Marcelo!


  1. Good summary but it is an American company based in San Diego performing the pilot study in Belgium.

  2. Hiya Marcelo, thanks for pointing that out. I received this news and posted a bit prematurely, before checking out the companies website. Doh!

    Doubly glad you pointed it out because I also corrected quite a few typo's in my article as well. lol!

  3. A very common cause of insomnia is directly related to the atmosphere and comfort of the sleeping area. rebound insomnia

  4. I could never get to sleep as long as I have remembered. I'll get to bed around 2 and fall asleep around 5 or 6 and I wouldn't call it sleep anyway. I have been taking Ambien for 2-3 months and sleep fine. Much better than other medicines I've used for insomnia. No hangover the next day just groggy for 30 minutes or so.