Enough With The SoapBox, Help Me Fall Asleep!!

I must quantify this post by saying this: within this article you WILL find some sleep products that are proven effective.

So, first off, if you can't sleep, look over these links for a product that may help you.

Sleep Tracks
Light Therapy
Noise Therapy

Having said that, allow me to elaborate on why I felt it necessary to make the preceding statement. Thing is that so many emails have been reaching me lately, telling me that although they find insomnia cures articles very useful, they were not reading so much to understand their problems, only to find help fast. Yep, go figure, google searchers were looking up my site seeking out actual insomnia cures and not long rants about the physiology of this disorder. Who knew? (I guess I should have known, but we'll keep that a secret ;))

In fact in one email from Paul Bowden in Calgary (Hi Paul!!) he mentioned that the last thing he was looking for when he couldn't sleep was MORE reading material. That email really had me in stitches, but even more telling, it showed me that I truly need to add some quality remedies here to offer some immediate solutions.

So as you can see above, and by the new links in my sidebar, (right above the subscribe button) I have added some of the remedies that I know have been proven beneficial to many insomnia sufferers. Some are popular, some are not, but they are in my link list because I have seen them at work and can attest to their effectiveness.

Within that list, one top choice for me to pass on would certainly be Sleep Tracks, since it has a very high rate of success. It's a program that I was given to review long ago at my clinic. I believe it's one of the best selling non-intrusive sleep systems on the net these days. If I'm not mistaken Sleep Tracks also offers a rock solid refund policy, so it's worth checking out.

Remember, even those of you that consider yourselves "hardcore" insomniacs, sometimes it's the most mundane and simple apparatus that can do the trick. As an example, this electro-mechanical device, (known as the MarPac Sleep Mate) has worked for countless numbers of people suffering sleeplessness. So while you may be convinced that the only help you can find involves a doctor and a pharmacy, I implore you to try more natural remedies first, to avoid the nasty side effects and addiction issues that come with prescription sleep aids.

Where your health is concerned, you never know what can help until you try. These are a few solid products that may help you. I will always post more and more advice on lifestyle changes, and occasionally I'll nag at you about why it's very important to find out the reason you are not sleeping, but in the meantime, these links may help.

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